Appendix I


St. John of Damascus: Apologies Against Those Who Attack the Divine Images

Three treatises, in defense of holy images, which provide a theological foundation for the decrees of the Second Council of Nicaea. Image links to Mary H. Allies translations. ISBN recommendation: 0-913836-62-1

International Theological Commission: Memory and Reconciliation, the Church and the Faults of the Past

Although Christ ever resides with and within Her, at times representatives of the Church grievously transgress against Love and Truth. The document provides a reflection on scandal, intolerance, and division within the Church’s history. Image links to Vatican translation.

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger: ‘In the Beginning…’: A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall

Cardinal Ratzinger’s explication of the Genesis creation accounts. Image above links to Google Books entry. ISBN recommendation: 0-8028-4106-6

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